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Who We Are


Stuggy’s was founded by a Father & Son roughly 10 years ago.  Both living and having grown up around Baltimore, they decided to make a run in their hometown.  They scraped together funds to start what would eventually become a concept that was purely unique.  Their strengths with entrepreneurship and creativity collided and a true concept was born. Today you can find Stuggy’s at their Fells Point test kitchen along the waterfront. Stuggy’s is also located in Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  Stuggy’s now has national licensing and joint ventures deals but it wasn’t always that way.

Family owned since 2008

From a meager commercial Tenant they survived cold winters and slow off-seasons by perfecting viral products and twists on the traditional hot dog experience.  They serve natural soda’s and slow cooked mac n cheese that brings memories to every trip in. The test kitchen in Fells Point also serves rotating specials.  

– #crabmacnation

Between 3rd base & Home directly next to Jimmy's Famous Seafood

Section 517 with the Flock!

You don’t not associate Stuggy’s and Fells Point! Late night destination of the year.

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